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IELTS คอร์สเดียว 4 ทักษะ
IELTS คอร์สเดียว 4 ทักษะ
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How Are Local Businesses and Professional Practices Showing Up Ahead of Competitors Online (Without Ads or Waiting for Long-Term SEO)?
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Only the very rare business DOESN’T experience intermittent cash flow problems because of a decline in sales. This is pretty much a given with running any business. As I was creating this course, the coronavirus pandemic was still raging, landing a severe financial blow to many businesses. But sometimes you experience a downturn when you haven’t planned your cash flow sufficiently, or an unexpected expense pops up. It's happened to me too.
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Qualcomm Qualcomm is a telecommunication company that has delved into long form content in all mediums. These include text, audio, and video. They offer branded video content that not only immerses the audience into the story but sensitizes them about the company’s products. One piece of content is a short film where the audience follows a guy who wakes up to find his girlfriend missing. The short film utilizes the technology that the company makes. In a separate piece, company representatives break the film down as they explain the technology to the audience. This is a making-of or behind-the-scenes content. One of the technologies that Qualcomm develops is the finger sensor and it gets to be portrayed in a non-technical way.
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A big percentage of the long form content that this car company produces is not related in any way to vehicles. One of the articles highlights a young baseball pitcher that the company supports. It is a heartwarming piece of content that not only inspires others, but also promotes the social element of the motor company. Another famous way the firm has capitalized on long form content is in their piece titled 100 Years of Icons. (Here’s an example of Chevy’s long-form article on a local dealer’s website.) This article is a documentation of the Chevy’s journey and seeks to impress upon the reader what role the firm plays in American culture. An article like that makes Chevrolet customers feel proud to be part of a cultural product with a historical print. The title itself is very captivating and the content contains all the details of the key milestones the company has been through. Other brands have tried to emulate this template of long form content but with little success. This is because Chevrolet has a cult following and a large one at that.